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early bird - Necromunda: The Cursed Hunt

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Necromunda: The Cursed Hunt (ticket as PDF invoice / vstupenka je PDF faktura)

2nd - 3rd November 2024

Exhibition Center PVA EXPO Prague, Hall 8 (6 minutes walk from Metro Letnany (red line C))

Facebook page:


Early bird tickets till 31st August 2024 (22% discount, extra swag) 55 EUR

Includes large mousepad Dice Tray and set of pre-painted scatter terrain barrels or boxes

Individual 15% discount code for (cannot use for further ticket purchase)

Classic tickets 69 EUR

Includes large mousepad Dice Tray only

Individual 15% discount code for (cannot use for further ticket purchase)

Full Rulespack will be available later (notified by email for all ticket holders)

Lunch voucher can be purchase later (estimated cost 10-15 EUR)

Rules Draft:

???? Narrative Campaign: The Cursed Hunt ????

The Cursed Hunt, or the Hunt for the Cursed?

First part of the rules pack: The Cursed Hunt Rules Part 1. Will be available later

Second part (missions): To be added later or on-site.

Join us for the experience of a full multi-week campaign condensed into two days. You will experience everything, including all pre- and post-battle actions, gaining experience, gang development, deaths, and injuries. Lead a gang that ventures into a long-forgotten and destroyed hive, rumored to hold many secrets.. but you are mainly drawn by the prospect of wealth and what might be found there... never mind the dangers and superstitions associated with the place!

Collect valuable relics to enrich your gang and avoid the curses (cursed ones) as you reach the grand finale.

What awaits you:

  • Battles with opponents and classic missions and gang development according to campaign rules
  • Story-driven secondary objectives and "loot" within missions
  • Battles and interactions with NPCs (monsters, etc.)
  • Arbitrator unit interventions in your game and other events.
  • Special "curse" rules for the campaign

Included with ticket purchase is access to the campaign Discord server (sharing, questions, D6 roll bot).

Gang composition: Gangs without vehicles and without mounted units

Limit of 1200 credits + D6x10 credits for full paint (sharing photos and awarding the bonus on the shared Discord)

Limit of a maximum of 2 identical Special weapons and 1 Heavy weapon per gang for the entire campaign duration.

At creation, it is possible to hire a Brute and an exotic pet (maximum of 1 Brute and 1 Exotic Pet per gang at creation).

When creating the gang, respect the restrictions according to the given House List, or Trading Post up to Rare (9) if the gang has access to TP during creation according to the House list rules.

Illegal and Black Market are not accessible throughout the campaign.

The classic Trading Post (plus your House List) is accessible during the campaign up to Rare (9).

It's good to have 2 to 3 extra models ready (something like Hive Scum, or potential new gang members) for possible deployment in the game/replenishment after deaths.

Prohibited equipment: Falsehood, Ablative Overlay, Cameleoline Cloak

Beyond the 1200 points (and full paint bonus), prepare a friendly custom Bounty Hunter worth up to 250 credits (the mechanic for using them in-game will be provided). Create your own bounty hunter (rules for creating custom BH in each House Of... book (increase the equipment limit by 20 credits to reach the 250 max)

Additional rules: Bottle tests on D3. No bottle can be performed in the first two rounds.

A deck of 10 Tactical cards, from which 2 are drawn per game. The list of banned cards will be supplemented.

If a fighter goes out of action (OOA), perform a maximum of 1 roll on the Serious Injury table.

Change for the Infiltrate skill: instead of the classic Infiltrate, the model can only make 2 moves before the first round.

Alternative sources for rules and gang building:

The missions and their rules will be added as a separate document and also prepared on-site for each player.

We look forward to your participation!

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