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Chem-Zone Set 2

Ready to play scenery. 28mm-32mm scale (similar to Warhammer 40 000, Star Wars: Legion and other heroic games).
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129,00 €
Art.No.: CCS2


Painted and assembled. Resin material. Ready for play straight out of the box. Terrain scale is suitable for Warhammer 40 000, Age Of Sigmar, Kill Team, Necromunda, Star Wars: Legion, X-Wing and other board games and tabletop war games.

- very solid resin based material
- highly detailed
- pre-painted

- 8x Container. Measures: lenght 12cm (5 inches) height and width 6cm (2.3 inches) 
- 2x Control Panel. Measures: height 5cm (2 inches)
- 10x Ammo Box (5 yellow and 5 silver). Measures: lenght 5cm (2 inches) height and width 2.5cm (1 inch)
- 10x Barrel (5 yellow and 5 silver). Measures: diameter 2cm (0.8 inch) height 3cm (1.3 inch)
- 1x Large Gas Tank. Measures: diameter 12cm (5 inches) height 13cm (5.5 inches)
- 1x Small Gas Tank. Measures: diameter 12cm (5 inches) height 7cm (2.8 inches)
- 1x Toxic Gas Tank. Measures: diameter 12cm (5 inches) height 7cm (2.8 inches)
- 1x Exploded Gas Tank. Measures: diameter 15cm (6 inches) height 2cm (1 inch)
- 8x Pipe(conduits) (4 different types, 2 of each type). Measures: lenght 14.5cm (6 inches) height 2.8cm (1.3 inches)
- 4x Crossroad. Measures: lenght and width 5cm (2 inches) height 2.8cm (1.3 inches)
- 4x Ending. Measures: lenght 2cm (1 inch) height 2.8cm (1.3 inches)
- 4x Broken ending. Measures: lenght 2cm (1 inch) height 2.8cm (1.3 inches)

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