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Category: New GW Releases
Art.No.: DEL190


Inside this 136-page hardback book, you'll find:

  • The story of Alarielle's Rite of Life, how it awoke a forgotten god, and the epic siege of Excelsis
  • Warscrolls for a host of new gods and champions - including Kragnos, the twin aspects of Slaanesh’s Newborn, Warsong Revenants, and witch hunters Galen and Doralia ven Denst
  • New rules for Gloomspite Gitz, including three suites of allegiance abilities, updated warscrolls, and more
  • Even more rules content for Cities of Sigmar, Skaven, Beasts of Chaos, and Sylvaneth, designed to represent these forces in the story
  • Updated warscrolls for Alarielle the Everqueen and the venerable Lord Kroak
  • Six exciting battleplans that chronicle the rise of Kragnos, and rules to play them as a narrative campaign
  • Realms of Battle and Streets of Death rules depicting the locations from the story
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