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Dystopian Wars: Ragnarok Battlefleet Set - EN

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Category: Dystopian Wars
Art.No.: DWA250011


Many Scandinavian vessels are fabricated by the Norwegian master shipbuilders at Akers Mekaniske Verksted, made possible thanks to significant Prussian investment. This modern shipyard produces especially large numbers Hoth Heavy Corvettes for use throughout the Imperium.

The Scandinavian attitude to naval warfare is epitomised by the Ragnarok. With a prow
mounted Heavy Sturmbringer, and in inbuilt Fury Generator the Ragnarok’s crew closes the distance fast to sow destruction amongst their adversaries, unleashing arcs of lightning that rip apart the target’s superstructure, rendering the stunned crew easy prey for boarding teams.

Accompanying the Ragnarok as they prowl the bitter northern seas, Odin class Reavers are often painted in dark colours by their crews, preferring to strike at dusk or at night. These are the frontline warships in the Scandinavian fleet and every sjöman will have served on one at some point in their career.

Long sharp lines distinguish the silhouette of the Jotunn Heavy Raider. This lethal warship is a prized command by Scandinavian captains, with advanced targeting systems to enable it to maximise its firepower against its target.

Gungnir Class Raiders are built around an exceptional propulsion system, the engineering behind the Gungnir is a closely guarded secret amongst the Scandinavians. Captains have standing orders to scuttle their ship rather than let it fall into enemy hands. The explosive charges throughout the engine room ensure that the advantage will remain with the northern nations.

The Ragnarok Battlefleet Set builds seven multi-part plastic and resin miniatures;

  • 1x Ragnarok Heavy Reaver
  • 2x Jotunn Assault Reaver (can alternatively be built as an Odin Reaver or a Gungnir Light Reaver)
  • 4X Hoth Heavy Corvettes
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