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BattleTech Alpha Strike Box Set

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96,00 €
Category: Battletech
Art.No.: CAT35690


ALPHA STRIKE box set It is the 32nd century. For a millennia, mankind has waged wars across thousands of worlds in human-occupied space. The Great Houses. The Clans. The Periphery. A myriad of star empires claiming ascendance, as others wane or fall. They marshal MechWarrior who owe them fealty, each one the master of a towering avatar of destruction: the BattleMech. You are given command of these modern-day knights, dropped onto a battlefield: use your wits and acumen to bring victory or end up a casualty on a forgotten world. BattleTech is the world’s greatest armored-combat game. And in the last several years, an avalanche of high-quality, affordable, ready-to-play plastic miniatures–coinciding with exciting original fiction and campaign play set in the new ilClan Era–has unleashed a massive resurgent wave of BattleTech interest, with more gamers of every age and type playing than ever before. Alpha Strike is a perfect way to leap into this seminal universe and join the fun! You take command of large-scale engagements with tabletop-miniatures gameplay designed for the modern wargamer. While Alpha Strike has much to offer veteran players, those new to the game find an approachable way into this exciting hobby. There’s never been a better time to play Battletech! Alpha Strike brings the following: Modern, hexless, fast tabletop-style game play. For $80, the Alpha Strike box set delivers thirteen miniatures, 3D trees, a dozen buildings, and more–a fantastic value! From here, players purchase from a robust line lf miniatures ForcePacks, which all come with Alpha Strike cards. Using rules from this box, any ForcePack immediately brings its own, unique Formation rules to the table, beyond just the individual ’Mech abilities. The Alpha Strike: Commander’s Edition rulebook massively expands players’ toolkits with the full Alpha Strike rules.


12+. WARNING. Not suitable for children under 36 months. Small parts. Essential pointed components. Unpainted. Assembly required.

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