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Paint Station (Duże (36 mm))

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16,60 €
Art.No.: HZ20


The new Paint Station will improve your working conditions by keeping your work space clean and tidy.

No more endless hunting and timewasting as all your brushes & paints can be easily found.

The paint station measures 40 cm x 30 cm x 6 cm. It has shelves to put paint and brushes, and should fit up to 50 pieces.

There are plenty of holes for your brushes, files, knives, glue, etc, as well as two water cup holders.

Easily transportable. Use it in your craft room, shed, garage, living room or anywhere you use to do model making, crafts, diy etc.

Your choice of 2 versions to take paint jars up to either 26mm or 36mm diameter

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