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NEW 6'x4' G-Board ULTRA: Folding Gaming Table

Portable gaming area
Pre-order for February/March 2024
249,00 €
Art.No.: ULT


We have made our own custom plastic and metal mold to offer you only genuine plastic gaming folding tables of 6'x4' size in the market!
We present you with a new, improved G-Board ULTRA.

This product will be manufactured based on pre-order with expected delivery in between February/March 2024.

Wargames like Warhammer are mostly played on a large playing area 6 by 4 feet. Rarely such gaming tables can be found at home.
Our G-board is the solution for you! Combine it with one of our battle mats and terrain and get a fantastic battlefield for your games of Warhammer 40k or Age of Sigmar.

- 6'x4' portable gaming area: 6 by 4 feet (in cm 185 cm x 123 cm)
- made of plastic and metal
- folding into the compact case with handle (92.5 cm x 123 cm x 10 cm)
- unfolds in few easy steps 
- height 75cm (2,6 feet)
- perfect for holding your battle mat, terrain and miniatures
- weight 22kg
- black color


This is not a standard table. Do not use it as a standard table. Maximum weight load up to 35kg. Do not sit your children or yourself on top. Should be used only for the purpose of playing board games with miniatures, terrain and battle mat.

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