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Prague Open Wargaming Event 2019 report

Our premier wargaming event was a total, rowdy success, and we’ve spent several days recovering from all the excitement!  Finally, we’re feeling coherent enough that we can bring you a full report on the Prague Open 2019.  With a grand total of 230 awesome participants from all over Europe, the UK, and the rest of the world, we served up epic battles and tense skirmishes in four massive events spanning two full days!

Without a doubt our biggest turnout was for the long awaited Warhammer 40k team tournament, where a hundred players split into twenty squads to battle for dominance with a rules set inspired by the ETC format.  If you want to check out the rankings of our top three teams, you can see them here.  For a full breakdown of the army lists our competitors brought to bear, check out our report here.

Coming in at number two was the Warhammer 40k classic singles tournament, where 74 players clashed to prove who among them was the greatest commander across 5 grueling matches.  This event granted ITC points and used a rules set based on the German national league, Tabletopmasters.  Click here to see the top three generals ranked against each other, and here for a full review of all the massive armies that made planetfall.

Both of these epic events showcased out brand new range of tournament terrain, and we are pleased to announce that it was a total success!  Designed to provide full gaming functionality for competitive Warhammer 40000 matches, this terrain made its debut at the Prague Open this year and we’ve been flooded with positive feedback from all our players.  The terrain itself is designed for ease of assembly, with very little gluing required, and the best part is that all the terrain comes pre-colored right out of the box, so that there will never be any lumps of ugly, gray plastic on your battlefield!

You can check out the full catalog of our dynamic terrain range and pre-order your very own battlefield scenics here.

With a total of 32 players, our Age of Sigmar event was a sight to behold! Players came from all across Europe and beyond to wage fantasy warfare against one another, and the result was a great crowd of diverse players putting their armies to the test.  Age of Sigmar has only just been established on the tournament circuit in our region, but after such a great showing we’ll be bringing it back for sure in 2020.  As always, our top rankings are listed here, and you can find everyone’s full army lists here.

Our final event was our raucous Blood Bowl tournament, featuring 22 players fielding their elite teams for two straight days of mud and carnage!  Results for the tournament can be found here.

We had such a great time hosting this event; it was brutal in all the best ways!  Be sure to check out the full gallery of the event right here, so you can get an up close and personal view of all the tactical mayhem. With so many awesome players making the trip to be a part of our event, we can’t wait to bring you an even wilder contest next year!

Video wrap-ups:

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