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Prague Open 2020 report

Prague Open 2020 report - Gamemat.eu

We would like to thank to all the players attending our premier wargaming event: Prague Open 2020! 

During the weekend 22nd-23rd February 380 players met at the Top Hotel Prague congress hall to battle in the following gaming systems:

Warhammer 40k 5-men team tournament (Golden Throne Team Tournament): 30 teams and 150 players, played with modified ETC rules.
Warhammer 40k singles GT: 96 players, played as ITC rules event (before update).
Warhammer Age of Sigmar GT: 56 players
Warhammer Underworlds: 44 players
Blood Bowl: 22 players
Kill Team: 22 players

Majority of the players were coming to us from all over the Europe and UK. We can say Prague Open is truly the international event as foreign players accounted to more then 80%.

Big thanks also to fantastic team of Hellstorm Wargaming - you can have a look at their live coverage here: Hellstorm Wargaming Prague Coverage on YouTube

We are very lucky that our event had happened just before the global pandemic hit the Europe. We are sending our support to all other event organizers worldwide who have to cancel their events recently. We now know much work and risk is being put into that!

If you are a 40k fan you would be certainly interested in the lists documents:

Warhammer 40k Team tournament lists
Warhammer 40k Singles GT lists 

And final results! Congratulations once more:

Warhammer 40k Team Tournament: 1st place Das Quintumvirat 2nd place Minsk&Co 3rd place Fix Bayonets!
Warhammer 40k Singles GT at TourneyKeeper 
Age of Sigmar at Tabletop.to
Underworlds: 1st place: Etienne Heneman
Blood Bowl: 1st place: Dalibor Szegho
Kill Team: 1st place: Kamil Swierzbinski!

Here are few photos and full gallery can be found here at Google Drive shared folder

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