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Necropolis Grav-Train

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Description Necropolis Grav-Train

Painted and assembled scenery made of resin material. Ready for play straight out of the box. This wargaming scenery features:



- 1x Grav-Train. Measures: Lenght A: 34cm (14 inches) Width B: 12cm (5 inches) height: 10cm ( 4 inches)

- top middle platform designed to fit 32mm bases

- 2 side platforms designed to fit 25mm bases

- back side platform to fit 32mm bases


In the prime of their lives, the Grav-Trains of Necropolis flew along the vast tracks between habitation spires and laboratory complexes, sonic booms announcing their passage through the empty wasteland.  Hauling countless kilotons of materials and passengers to keep the fires of industry burning, their tracks were once the veins through which the lifeblood of the Necropolis project flowed.  Now, what scant few of the great gravitic engines remain operational are sad and decayed, pock-marked by laser and shell fire and haunted by the ghosts of those who made their last stands within.

As kill teams traverse the uncertain terrain of the Necropolis, a derelict Grav-Train makes for an ideal defensive holdout during an ambush, while their immense bulk and solid construction offer daring commanders a way to smash through almost any fortification.  Providing the advantage of height and solid cover, rusting Grav-Trains are an increasingly common focal point of desperate battles amid the urban gloom.

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