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September: Chem-Zone terrain, new Army, Prague Open, Daemons inbound

The September! Everything changes. Outside temperature goes finally back to normal levels and kids(if you have some) leaving home early mornings going to school or kindergartens. And thus, we mid-age hobbysts have finally more time to start new projects:)

That is exactly the case of us at Gamemat.eu here in Prague. With colder weather, earlier sunsets and kids in school we are again on a full throttle towards the hobby.


With great cheer we have finally released the Chem-Zone complete terrain set. It was one of our most intense project. We were working hard to create detailed molds and new cool paint-schemes to bring you very complex battlefield scenery. Celebrating this release with new cool video as well. In the video the Chem-Zone pieces are in a concert with Gothic Ruins terrain and Quarantine battle mat.



September is also full of other news. We have started cooperation with new painting studio Den Of Imagination and they've just finished for us first GM.eu official studio army! Army based on Imperial Knights and Militarum Tempestus Scions, but with a visual twist using Solar Auxilia miniatures as proxies for Scions. I hope you like it as we do. We are going to post full gallery soon.



This month we plan to reveal all the details about our upcoming wargaming event: Prague Open 2019. Confirmed dates are February 16-17th 2019 and we are about to start ticket sales on our site within few weeks. After 2 successfull events with just Warhammer 40000 GT singles, this year we are adding Warhammer 40k team tournament and Age of Sigmar GT singles and also Kill Team side event. Event will be held at Top Hotel Prague with catering arranged. Prague Open has been so far always tournament with mostly international player base and everybody enjoyed the beautiful city of Prague aside of gaming. We hope to meet you all in Prague in 2019!



Our fisrt blog post starts to be bit too bulky and I think it is time to finish it here with great thanks to all you wargamers, who are making all this possible by supporting us.


Just a little teaser what is coming next: within two months we will reveal a brand new product range: complete set of new battle mat and matching terrain. A sci-fi horror themed. Everybody who is fond of movies like Event Horizon, Aliens, or Doom video games should be thrilled. Also those who praise powers of Chaos should be ready!

We believe that playing your favorite wargame in a setting of doomed research facility, where strange experiments took place ages ago would be fun! As you know, things can go wrong sometimes. And they always do, especially when you experimented with openning the warp. Little teaser here.


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