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New terrain set: Rocky base!

New terrain set: Rocky base! - Gamemat.eu

We are happy to finally reveal our new set of pre-painted terrain: The Rocky base.
Set is now available for pre-order and will be shipped on 10th June at https://www.gamemat.eu/en/terrain/pre-painted-resin-terrain/

Our goal was to create a sci-fi military base incorporated within mountain range. A set which would go perfectly with our existing sets Badlands and Fallout Set. But of course could be mixed with any other sci-fi sets we offer. We like to match it with our battle mats: Fallout, Wastelands, Sands of Time, Lost World.
We love to play Warhammer 40 000, Kill Team, Horus Heresy and Necromunda. This terrain will add a great narrative to our games! 

Here is our progress so far: from first sketches to renders, then to 3D printed prototypes and final painted product:). We hope you will enjoy the pictures!

Sketches of Helipad, Missle tower, bunker crater and vault.

After we have agreed on the general idea and design, 3D renders were made.

Thanks to the 3D printers and its magic we made those lovely prototypes! GW Lord Inquisitor for scale purpose only! Pictures taken in our own hobby store in Prague - Rubikon, where we offer for sale Warhammer 40k, Age of Sigmar, Star Wars: Legion and many more!

And here you can see the final: painted set!
For more pictures of the individual pieces head to our pre-painted terrain section please. You can pre-order the set now at https://www.gamemat.eu/en/terrain/pre-painted-resin-terrain/ 
Shipping will start on 10th June or earlier.


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