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Chem Zone Set 3D file

Digital file for 3D printing
File for download
29,90 €
Art.No.: STL13


By purchasing this product you will be granted right to download and use the  digital file  for you presonal use only.
The file is designed for 3D printing as .STL format.
Unauthorized distribution would be considered as breach of the copyright law and will be pursuit as such by all legal means.

Copyright Gamemat sro 2020.

Scaled for 28-32mm wargames: Necromunda, Warhammer 40k, Horus Heresy and others.

Link for download will be sent to you by email after your orders is paid and processed.

You will obtain those files:
- Container and container door
- Small gas tank (body, bottom, top part)
- Large gas tank (body, bottom, top part)
- Exploded gas tank
- 4 types of conduits
- 2 types of endings for conduits and conduit crossroad
- Gas terminal, ammo box, barrel

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