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Fire and Sword Rulebook Gamers Edition

Připraveno k odeslání
389 Kč
Kategorie: By Fire and Sword
Kód: J6


You will find there all the rules needed to understand the game such as, how does the game play at the basic level – Skirmish, which is the level dedicated to novice players – without having to browse descriptions of all the factions and their units, army lists and special rules. By placing the special rules, statistics of units, and cards for each skirmish force being on sale in the internet:


it will make it easier to start the adventure with our game.

Please also remember that ALL published Skirmish Forces as well as Task Forces will are available in our free Army Creator


By the way of this release, we have decided to add necessary additions and clarifications of the rules of the game. These are still the same rules as in previous editions of rulebooks. But since their publication, along with a whole bunch of new players, at the same time their new questions and interpretations, we've decided to refine some of the entries and also fix some minor bugs or omissions. As a result, to make the reading easier for "old" players, we’ve introduced the "!" symbol on the margins of pages – meaning that you need to pay special attention to the rule as it is new, improved or changing an important element in the game. At the end of the book we also added some additional quick references.

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